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Success Stories

Sending a referral was so easy. I moved to Florida a few years ago, but my sphere of influence was in NJ. I submitted a referral online and got paid once my buyer found a house. Easiest money I ever made.

Tamara S.


I had to make a really tough decision. After 5 years in the real estate sales business I needed to obtain fulltime employment elsewhere. I didn’t want to give up my license. The Referral Agent Group allowed me to transfer my license and still get paid on referrals. I choose a fulltime agent who I knew would get the job done. This was truly a painless process.  Thank you

William H.


When I decided to join the Referral Agent Group I didn’t realize the potential. I had such a large client base that I set up a new business opportunity. I became tired of running around crazy and wanted to do something else. I still enjoy real estate especially now.

James T.